R&D Cell and Major Goals

R&D Cell

In a world increasingly propelled by technology, university research is the foundation of any nation's economic growth. And CCEM Raipur is committed to basic long-term research in frontier areas.

CCEM has made concerted efforts to align its R&D focus with the national goal of achieving technological self-reliance. Students and faculty conduct research projects in thrust areas of science and engineering. The institute has ongoing academic and research collaborations with many national and international universities, governments and industries in order to keep pace with expanding frontiers of knowledge and global developments; it is also constantly in touch with national needs. Its pre-eminent position at the cutting-edge of research is reflected in its impressive list of research projects, which cater to both our national needs and global developments.

Policy : To create good infrastructural facilities and conducive environment to inculcate research culture.

Aim :To Promote, Coordinate And Implement Research And Development Programs.

Major Goals / Objective of R & D Cell

  • To promote research and Research Projects including Multidisciplinary areas.
  • Research Papers Publication / Presentation in referred journals
  • Institute- R&D Organization- Industry Collaboration
  • Core Competence and Consultancy
  • PhD Program Management
  • Staff Development Program
  • Patents & IPR Knowledge